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When Leslie and I started to work together on a website, I was over my head in trying to keep up with all the pieces of our growing business. I wasn’t sure how i could continue to grow and not get lost in more than i could handle. Leslie’s innovative ideas and keen sense of marketing brought us exactly what we needed to grow. She took the biggest time suckers and turned them into beautiful resources accessible to our team! The results? Our team grew exponentially and now I can get excited about our growth again as our website and resources provide duplication and time-saving resources!

Renee Yeo, Legacy Impact • Young Living Diamond


Print on Demand Team Portals

Print on demand professional materials for team. Business cards, class invites, welcome cards, product information and brochures, pocket folders or any other materials you would like to include. We can design materials for you, customize existing materials for your team and even make materials you have already created for your team available!

  • Team members have individual access to materials and are able to place their own orders.

  • Choose the materials you wish to order, enter your information, proof your materials and place your order.

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