Ideal Moment Photography•Agnes

Agnes - Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your needs!

As promised, I will open up a trial account and give you a quick feel with a home page to help in the decision making process. The proposal I am recommending is for a full build out and duplication of the content you currently have as that is very well organized and segmented. I included a second option at a lower cost for comparison, but based on our conversations I think the full build out would work best for you utilizing the payment in 1/3's to make sure the project meets your expectations.

I welcome and encourage questions and gladly provide references!

- Leslie

Investment: $2,200 • project timeline 1 month
Investment option 2: $1,500 - Project foundation would be the same, but start with fewer galleries (possibly combine), hold the Whimsical Portraits Before and After info and choose a few of the testimonials instead of populating all of them.

Payment schedule options: 50% to begin and 50% upon completion OR 1/3 to begin, 1/3 once the site is launched, 1/3 once training and final details reviewed. I find setting the payment schedule along with benchmarks keeps expectations and communication clear. 


Website - simple but powerful, with a foundation that will support you as you grow.

  • Home/Landing page spotlighting your your business. Built on Squarespace platform - Why Squarespace?
  • Portfolio galleries (10 photo galleries as you have now).
  • About /your story page.
  • Whimsical Portraits / Before and After pages - suggest combining these; "the experience".
  • Testimonials / Client Reviews.
  • Contact form/link.
  • Connect to social accounts. Set up Instagram feed.
  • Link to client proofing system. (This can be done on squarespace, but not optimal. free account option I think would be ideal for you).
  • Content review and editing of current information.
  • Project includes incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices, submitting site to search engines and setting up google analytics account. Using categories and tags for galleries.
  • Site will automatically resize and render on any browser and device.
  • Training on how to use and make the most of your new website.

One on One time
Walking through how to use all of the above with you. The KEY here is that I develop the website and strategy suggestion for you, with your needs and goals in mind, but also show you how to use it as part of your workflow.

Squarespace Website Hosting and Account are separate from the project cost and on-going:
The Squarespace website account will be set up in your name and ownership transferred to you as soon as the project is complete. A 20% discount off the annual prices below is applied for first annual payment if you choose the annual payment plan.
Personal Plan - $144 annually or $16 monthly (no first time discount); up to 20 pages
Business Plan - $216 annually or $26 monthly (no first time discount); announcement bar, pop up boxes, premium blocks (embedding forms, newsletter integrations).