Stephanie -

So excited for you with all of the amazing opportunities that god is providing in your life! As I mentioned, I would be thrilled to partner with you providing services at a reduced rate knowing that this community is exactly where I want to grow my business and partner with and the results will showcase my services.

I have broken down the recommendations into brand/logo development and website. I focused on the deliverables that you need right away, but not sacrificing quality. Starting with a strong foundation and business relationship that you can grow is my objective. Investment can vary greatly based on deliverables, but to give you a frame of reference my minimum typically is $1500 which usually includes a simple website with training on how to use it, marketing strategy and brand graphics. I also offer small group website workshops and one on one training specifically for websites and strategy that you can read about on my workshops and training page. You would getting a customized package at a reduced rate.

I welcome questions and gladly provide references! I encourage you to check out some helpful resources on my "how we can help" page that includes "questions you should ask" and helpful information in when comparing options.


Define your “Brand Identity” • Logo/Marketing Materials • $275
Logo development: creation of artwork and digital files, defining color and typeface guidelines.Business Card and Stationery design (for print and digital uses). Logo and material files will be delivered in multiple file types including vector art and material files print ready. Printer recommendations gladly provided.

A good place to search for ideas for logos is I have had many clients that have used that as an option, but with mixed results. We can certainly discuss that further, but the best thing you can do no matter who you are working with is to give a sense of your style and things you like. Not necessarily specific to your brand and company, but an extension of your culture and who you are.

Website • $450 (squarespace platform)
Simple, but powerful, with a foundation that will support anything you can dream up as you grow.
This would include me creating the basic foundation pieces on the website with your needs in mind and one on training to be able to update, engage and continue to build out the site with confidence. Website will automatically resize for any device and interface includes SEO best practices for online presence.

Squarespace website account will be set up in your name and ownership transferred to you as soon as the project is complete. Hosting cost of squarespace separate from the project cost: Personal Plan ($144 annually) or Business Plan ($216 annually) 20% discount applied for first annual payment.

Assist and guide you in defining your Business Strategy
Clear identification of your niche and top 3 target markets. Your mission statement, your purpose and passion. Define the emotion solution you provide. This is a powerful thing in its simplicity and gives you a strong foundation to grow on as your business grows with you!